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06 December 2020 @ 11:50 pm
looking for secrets?
                             prehaps you come to the wrong place...
                        no secrets hiding~
Friends Only Journal; Comments to be Added

 { since 1st January 2009, this journal will be 95% friends-only }

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Handmade Swarovski Bracelet

Handmade Swarovski Bracelet (ZOOMed in)

Handmade Swarovski Bracelet - 3 different colors

Handmade Swarovski Bracelet
(Perfect as Christmas Gift)
1. Swarovski crystals used
2. Comes in 3 standard colours: Pink, Purple & Blue ~ customisation available with other colours
3. Standard length is 17cm ~ customisation to lengthen/shorten by incremental of 1cm is available
4. Magnetic Clasp for ease of wear
5. Introductory price of S$15
6. For orders > 3 pcs, beautiful gift box will be given free
7. Order & pay by 30 Nov 2010, ready by 10 Dec 2010.
8. Local Normal post Add $1, Registered post Add $3.
9. Pay by POSB transfer to POSB Savings a/c no 008-28423-7
10. Contact e-mail : lingsj@yahoo.com or hyesungstory@gmail.com
* For overseas buyer, please contact any of the above addresses for shipping charges.

Handmade Swarovski Angel Bookmark

Handmade Swarovski Angel Bookmark (ZOOMed in)

In addition, we are looking into making Handmade Swarovski Angel Bookmark which is definitely another perfect gift for Christmas this season. Available colour at this moment is only RED unless we received more orders. Customisation with the name initials are available (with maximum two alphabet) with additional dollars. It looks equally pretty without the initials as well. The introductory price is approximately S$15 as well and for customisation, additional S$4 is required. Tell me what do you think of this?

Credits to: hyesungstory.tmblr.com

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24 September 2010 @ 12:55 pm

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01 April 2009 @ 08:40 am
+ 135 (sales on 3/27)
Total as at 3/27 - 33,261

credits: hanteo chart

Since then, he was out of the chart.
And today I went to hanteo chart for checking again, and found him back in daily chart ytd jumping from rank 61 to 16 selling 1xx copies, it’s just feeling nice to see this sign once a while 
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23 March 2009 @ 09:15 pm




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19 March 2009 @ 02:10 pm


090319 [t] Hyesung's <<Singles>> Interview

As the lead singer of Shinhwa doing the solo activities as an idol singer sometimes, if this is all you understand about Shinhwa, then you should immediately listen to his album. The real Shin Hyesung, what he really wanted to say is inside his album, and is amazingly hidden within it.

During that time, Shinhwa was known as a prevalence symbol as performers for many grand ceremonies. They filled the stage with their intense eye contacts that are able to see through the CRT and they who dances the chair dances that completely exert their masculine charms had also did their usual comedian acts in shows which thoroughly destroy their images and sometimes they will display an appearance of gentlemen. Through their performances, they gained a stable popularity and after that they have also started their own individual activities as they expanded their own colors and this is really quite a breakthrough during that time.

With Shinhwa setting a model as a multi talented idol, Shin Hyesung is the one who is the most un-Shinhwa among all his talented members, only he has choose a path that is completely different from his members. Even if he has appeared in many different variety shows to display his cheerful and cute image with his crab dance and spin kicks, but it’s different from his other members who have did an official acting or sitcoms, and hosting of variety shows. Shin Hyesung as the lead vocalist has only make preparation to become a solo singer. At the same time, to him, the burden that caused the confusion between the preconceptions of the “general public against solo singers who debuted as idol singers” against “unconditional support from the fans” has also started.

Now it’s the trend of singles release, but his album is still counter run to show a complete story of tracks 1 to 10 as if he sticks to his principle like his sincerity to a friend, the method like selecting the songs personally, the experience of recording them to a tape or CD, giving it to the fans who are students in their 90s. Having a completed process, he never neglects each of the process, he won’t discard any of the songs and this kind of album is his ambition. As a result, Shin Hyesung debuted as a soloist has become very successful. To those who only know Shinhwa but not Shin Hyesung, compliments such as “Really can sing well, his vocals are really great!” are endless. Before the release of his album, at the online music sites, his preorder of his album has achieved the number one spot, his cute fans gave responses like “If he wants to do he can do it, he’s worthy our oppa.” Depending on the virtue of the unconditional purchasing power of the idol fans, Shin Hyesung who are growing popularity from the general pursuit “Shin Hyesung’s ballade styles” as a goal, unknowingly he has release his 3rd album (double album) and became a established singer. And till now, this is his position.

During the preparation of the interview, at the same time, still feel that Hyesung is really an idol, those questions posted online on the main page are really a lot. What’s the existence of Shinhwa and fans to you?
To me, Shinhwa is like a home, the feeling of a hometown. Although I’m doing my individual activities now and there’re also members who are fulfilling their military services, but the feelings just like returning home to have warm food after working hard for a day outside and resting remains unchanged. It’s really great to reunite together and it turns it gives a more homely feeling. Fans are like our fences, or they exist just like our family members.

Shin Hyesung as a member of Shinhwa and Shin Hyesung as a soloist, what’s the biggest difference?
Em~ the music style is different. In Shinhwa, we dance Power dances, using powerful eye contacts when we are singing, while now I merely sing ballade thus showing more warmth and sorrowful feelings.

Is Shinhwa and S relationship close? Suitable being together?
Recently KangTa had went for his military services, and our members have also went to other divisions, therefore there isn’t any opportunity to meet up, however when meeting up with KangTa or JiHoon, or having gathering with the members, we feel very comfortable together and often play together.

Do you always keep contact with KangTa who is in the army?
Of course! We just meet not long ago during his break.

Everyone is curious of the relationship between KangTa and Hyesung, no matter how we see, both of you looks like rivals!
Me and KangTa? Why do you think like this?

Aren’t you both the lead singers of H.O.T. and Shinwha?
Ah~ But that’s so long ago, because we debuted as idol and both of us are ballade singers therefore give others such kind of impression.

How do you become close to KangTa, if you are close to him then why there isn’t any KangTa songs in Hyesung’s album?
When I first debuted, the artist whom I am closer to is JiHoon, while JiHoon and KangTa have good relationship. Therefore naturally I have also become close to him. Just like meeting up with the members, we are friends over 10 years. In actual fact, in my album not only KangTa, there isn’t any songs of those people who are close to me. Although I didn’t intentionally have it this way but when the first album is released, I intended to display something different from Shinhwa and S, something that only belongs to me. Wait till I have a certain degree of solo experiences, we can collaborate any time by then when we have the opportunity.

If the fans are hoping for it, will S have plans to continue?
S is really a free collaboration. Although what we do (work) is a little different but the music we seek for is similar, the songs that we like are similar and we have similar interest as well. The group is created because of such reason therefore it will still continue. In actual fact, before KangTa was enlisted we have intention to produce an album, but because we are doing individual separate activities therefore it’s hard to compromise in term of the time. It seems like it’s only possible after KangTa is discharged from his military services.

This time, the 3rd album is a double album. The genres of Side 1 and 2 are totally different, which one is Hyesung more satisfied with?
Fans’ responses seem to remain unchanged. Side 1 received responses like ‘Challenging on something different, ‘Doesn’t feel strange’, ‘This kind of attempt is most welcoming anytime” but this time the reaction is ‘Still most suitable for ballade’. Putting aside those comments and assessments, I’m really feeling grateful that the fans are thinking like this. To me, I am more pleased with the fans’ responses on Side 1. In regards to this kind of new challenge, having the fans’ encouragements and confidence are really great, this will means an absolute advantage.

To you, ballade is the most suitable for you, what do you think about this?
I think I can do the best (on ballade). For other genres, perhaps to sing and dance alone seems a little unnatural.

You must have heard it several times, so what’s your favorite track in this album?
Ah~ really likes all, therefore I’m unable to choose. Every time I released an album, the voice that I most wanted to hear is ‘Which songs are unable to be missed out (exclude from the album). All singers no matter who they are will think like this. Recently because the releases of singles are increasing, therefore I have the ambition to come out with an official album, so as to include many songs in the album.

The more albums you released, your emotional feelings within you grows deeper. The feelings that you have brought out when you sings, what are your techniques in this area?
When the songs are recorded one by one, in order to have a better understanding on the lyrics and melody of the songs, I have put in lots of efforts and this is very important. In actual fact, to me, separation is a long ago thing, therefore naturally there’re lonely feelings. (laugh)

If you can remake a song, is there any song that you want to remake?
Being a soloist, I wish to try at least once. Although I have such thought, but if I’m to choose one (a singer), I really do not know which one to choose.

Among your fans there’s one who say that you are petty suitable to sing Park JeongHyun’s songs
Songs of female singers are also very interesting. Previously, Lee SeungGi had also done a remake album on female singers’ songs, in actual fact before he did this I have already had such thought too, really! (laugh) During that time, there’s a trend on remake album, and then I self thought that I’m also a ballade singer and my voice is also a little sentimental, so how’s it like to sing the songs of female singers? However, Lee SeungGi released just at that time, ‘Ah, that’s was stolen’ (laugh). Therefore if to reconsider, male singer like Rim JaeBum who sings songs that are very dumb, what will it be like if uses gentle vocal to do a remake. I was thinking, if I’m really doing a remake, I will do something interesting!

Recently are there any other songs you like to sing?
Recently I mostly listen to my own songs or otherwise are the songs from those autographed CD that were given by hoebaes during the music live shows.

In the video (or camera), the Shin Hyesung we saw is little prince image, a non-realistic image. What’s the man-style Shin Hyesung is in daily life? Generally, a guy in 30 will make investments for wealth, or changing the fluorescent lamps in the house, so did you ever do such extraordinary things?
In fact, I don’t have any little prince image, because I’m no longer young. For investment likewise, I have bought stocks before but feel that it’s unsuitable for me so I am no longer investing in it. Because that kind of image is sort of quiet and delicate but in actual fact, it’s not really like that. The image I displayed and the real me have many differences. There’re times when I’m easy going, there’re times when I’m refined and there’re also lots of times when I jokes a lot as well.

11 years as an artist, living as a star for such a long time, did you ever envy the ordinary life others lead?
Nope, just like today during the filming, it sounds like I’m objecting it. Till now, the staffs have known that there’re some burdens looking after me because usually I do not have any idea as an artist, and have tried to keep everything simple. It’s really great this way. However solely for me today, they bought a lot of clothes, and did my make up separately, those kind of feelings are really very good, at this moment I will think and have such thought, ‘I’m also an artist ah, for me, they will do anything just for me!”

Didn’t Andy appear in “WGM”, if Hyesung is to participate, who do you wish to be your partner?
Anyone is fine (laugh), but this is an actual filming so no matter what, still it should be with the partner I prefer then it be interesting, but in regards to the name…

eh, SNSD?
Too young! Must have certain age, the one with feminine family concept, you think carefully.

[b]Who~? Ideal type must be one with feminine style?
Really is the one who is very quiet and is really feminine.

Do you have any close friend who is a professional game player?
I’m close with Hong JaeHo, and he had also gone for his military services. Previously I played with him 5 games and won 3 games out of 5. Incredible right! Because I won the professional game player, and has good relationship with those MBC game professional game players… many.. many.. (skip those names)

Your interpersonal relationship seems to be expanding towards this area.
Basically those professional players are dongsengs, therefore there’s a very deep friendship (with them) because I myself, likes to play games, therefore will have good relationship with them, and recently get to understand them better.

When do you feel the most bored and lonely?
When I’m not working, I will feel a little bored. I will also meet friends, and wants to expand my interpersonal relationship (circle of friends) therefore am putting efforts on it but that’s not an easy task, everyday you will meet people you already know, even places you go are fixed, therefore am a little bored.

Earlier, Kim Dongwan said this in an interview, “People meet and the laughing faces seem to be having a cramp too. In order to see this, we look around. The side that we dislike or the certain part that we are fear of, the more we should strive to go near it, making it part of our own, detests increases with our age, and gradually becoming a pro-environment person. In order not to create any enemies, we abandon our stubbornness and he (Dongwan) doesn’t have this side of image. How about Hyesung?
Instead I want to do this. I have personality of being uncomfortable with stranger (scared of strangers), and it was even more serious during the time when I just debuted. I do not want to go to places which have strangers, only wanting to be with people who I’m familiar with. Even when eating, I will only eat in the 3 to 4 stores (that he frequent) and taking a peek to select the one without any people and I’m unsure why I’m like this at that time. But it seems as everything that was done are useless. Now I’m working hard to expand my interpersonal relationship with all kinds of people, and as compared to the past, it’s much better now. Therefore, I’m opposite from Dongwan and will continue to be like this. In the past, those who are with me are the same few people, and have no relationship with others, but according to what Dongwan said, “Seeing other people now, it don’t look bad at all too!” It seems that I should be doing this.

You seem to have the personality of not initiating to send a text message.
It’s not that I do not send, but I don’t usually receive text messages (laugh) therefore I feel embarrassed to send one. I will think what if the person has switched off the phone and will always worry about this and those that the hoebae and friends will send are messages with contents like, “Ah, hyung what are you busying?” “Ah, what are you doing? How’re you doing?” and for me, I won’t do this.

Appearance or personality, if you wanted to make some changes, which one will it be?
Hope that the edge of my chin is more distinct, and the cheekbone is more obvious, having a manlier image? Really want to look charismatic (handsome). As for personality, need not really be like this but only wants to expand my social circle and that will be good! Always thinking like this but it’s not something that I’m able to accomplish it immediately!

Have you ever regretted being a singer?
Never once.

11 years of activities, the happiest and saddest moment, choose one.
Ah~ This question is really difficult! The happiest moment should be the moment when Shinhwa received Daesung? Really grateful. The saddest moment, in actual fact the moments when we feel tired is really too much, merely thinking of the period in Shinhwa, when the members are injured are the most difficult moments, before Junnie head was injured and nearly die, and Minwoo fell during performance, during those time are really upsetting.

As a soloist, do you think you have any music competitor? And what’s your future goal?
Competitor means that the road that you have to walk is still very long, wanting to be someone like that person. I always said that I want to be like Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun and Lee Seung Hwan sunbaes, to continue singing and holding concerts, and being like by many. To become someone like them is my goal.

A shy boy who does not want to go to places with people, him who feels that there’s a need to improve his interpersonal relationship therefore he puts in lots of efforts. Always wanting to display the new him to others therefore he works hard, as well as his passionate ambition in music in order to let us hear the completely original unique music. This is the attitude of 11 years of efforts of a member from the highest group.

He’s changing, as compared to now he will become a more anticipated singer in the future. At the entertainment circle of ups and downs, he insist of walking only this route, and to realize his musical growth in this self environment, and all these will mean he still has a lot more things to show.

And, as compared to any other things, by his side, from the start at his 20s who accompany him till now as he pass his 30s, the ‘fans’ who are like fences growing up together with him, with them around, how can he not be happy?

For more, please read <<Singles>> April issue!

Credits: hyesungstory@LiveJournal.com (English translation) +
悟空空,宝宝爱王子@申彗星中国首站S.C.I.C (Chinese translation) + Singles (source)

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08 March 2009 @ 09:04 am
taking notice of KARA due to Nicole's appearance in Star Golden Bell and her interaction with Hyesung and Andy. She's so cute.
KARA girls are really sweet and lovely and their song, "HONEY" is petty catchy too. not bad~
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25 February 2009 @ 12:05 am
Eric's Screening Event
An Opportunity for All Singaporean Shinhwa Fans

As you may or may not be aware, Eric's management Top Class Entertainment has contacted us about holding Eric's video screening (see information here) in Singapore.

Initially the condition of holding a screening event in Singapore was a guaranteed minimum of 600 fans attending. Unfortunately as this is realistically beyond our capabilities, we informed them so and regretfully had to decline.

However Top Class Entertainment has contacted us again and reduced their minimum to 350 fans attending. This is still a large number but we are willing to try and work to this number as we believe this is an opportunity for all Shinhwa fans.

We strongly believe that the reason they have not only approached Singapore but even reduced their minimum capacity is because of the trust they have formed with Singapore fans from the great successes we've had with past Shinhwa related events.

Therefore just as these past events has led to this Eric event in Singapore, we believe that once Shinhwa re-groups and holds world-wide tours, (which we have no doubt they will) depending on the continued success of the individual member events, Shinhwa will again return to Singapore with the firm knowledge that many will turn up to support their concerts.

We also have strong evidence to believe that future K-Pop concerts are inclined to hold their concerts in Singapore over Thailand. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for all Singaporean music fans.

It is up to ALL of us to show that our support is unwavered during the time Shinhwa is on hiatus, and that we will continue to support and turn up to their events now and four years down the track too.

So we are asking all Eric supporters, Shinhwa supporters or even general K-music supporters to reply to this thread if you are CONFIRMED that you can attend the Eric Screening Event during the period of 21st or 28th of March.

Please feel free to post this notice up on other websites where people may be interested. Every reply counts!

Once we get at least 350 positive replies, we will immediately contact Top Class Entertainment to give them the go ahead to come to Singapore and hopefully many more great events will come searching for Singapore as their number 1 stop in the future!

Eric's Screening Event Details

Date: 21st or 28th of March
Location: TBC
Duration: 90 mins
Ticket Prices: SGD20.00
Also Available for Sale at Event: Exclusive photo books & DVD

Any questions on mind, you may post here, I will help to answer them by checking with Shinhwachangjo.net.
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Hyesung, Minwoo & Andy New Merchandise

take note that minimum of 15 orders before we will proceed

HS U Café HotPack - Price: SGD13.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

HS U Café Round T-shirt (size S/M) - Price: SGD33.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

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M Puzzle (Green / Pink) - Price: SGD31.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

M Smile & Happy Card - Price: SGD14.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

M Natural Days Photo Sticker Set - Price: SGD16.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

M Girl T-shirt (free size) - Price: SGD46.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

M Fanlight II - Price: SGD16.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

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Andy 2009 Calendar - Price: SGD31.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

Andy Ticket Book (Blue / White) - Price: SGD23.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1 | PIC 2

Andy Postcard Book (Limited Edition) - Price: SGD23.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

Andy Paris Photo - Price: SGD82.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

Shinhwa Cap (Black / Mix) - Price: SGD46.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

Mode of payment: Bank transfer / Western Union / Paypal

Interested, pls leave a reply, with the following details here

name of album/albums:
mode of payment:
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PS: If you choose international shipping, please state the country that you want it to be ship to.


1) Once order and price confirmed, no backing out is allowed.
2) We ship overseas, cost of shipping to be advised upon confirmation of order.
3) We are NOT ACCOUNTABLE for any lost mail.
4) We do not guarantee the availability of posters.

p.s. if you are interested in any other evenif products but they are not listed above, you may drop me a note here so I can check out the price for you :)
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